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Secure Cooperate Network Design

University Project



A coperate network created with five segments, each segment made to represent different departments.

Each segment having: 

A access Point: To give out a WiFi Network to allow devices to connect to the internet.

A DHCP server to assign an IP address to the WiFi Network dynamically.

A Laptop to test the Access Point and DHCP server.

Three Computers to be able to connect to the network, using a static IP.

Data Server to store data the department needs on the network.


Protection of network Using NAT

The network has been created in the way to protect it form the outside world. This has been done by using a NAT. To explain, the network is created in a private environment in the way each segment has their own Sub IP Address which uses a private network address. All the segments are then connected to a router which is created in a private network. Then that router is connected to another router that uses a public IP address. Therefore, the internal network cannot be directly accessed from the outside web, so devices can access the internet but devices outside the network cannot see devices inside the network. Creating a secure connection.

  • Date
    Dec 2018