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Parking System Management App

University Project



Following the end of my first year of university, I had a project which aimed to help Kingfisher, (Owners of B&Q) as part of their simulated Business week to develop a web and desktop app to create a parking system application for them.

They had a problem with employees parking and using their limited parking spaces on days that they did not book into. This resulted in crowds of cars not supposed to be in the parking lot taking up all the spaces for all other workers needing to park.


Their main Goals were:

1. To have three user Groups with different permissions:

1a. Administrator
– can create parking bookings for all users
– can edit parking bookings for all users
– can register new vehicles on accounts for all users
– can create parking reports for all users
– Can manage all users account settings.

1b. Human Resources
– Can create parking reports

1c. Employee
– can book into parking spots
– can edit their own booked parking spots
– can register a vehicle

2. Have a login page, to allow the user to reset their password and create accounts.
3. Easy to use.
4. Desktop and Web Application.

For our desktop application we used Microsoft visual studio, and for our web app we used Flask.

  • Date
    June 2018