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  • Welcome to my Online Blog. As a Cyber Security Professional, this blog is dedicated to introducing cyber security topics, notable cyber security information and projects that I am working on.

Cyber Security Sources to educate and keep up-to-date with Cyber Attacks.

September 6, 2022

What are Cyber Security News Sources 🤔

Cyber Security News Sources are feeds that bring updated information and insight into the current state of cyber security. These could be updates on new cyber security technologies such as new products on the market for Intrusion detection systems, ransomware prevention, etc or news of new exploits and zero day vulnerabilities.

Why are Cyber Security News Sources Important? 🚨

Cyber Security is constantly changing with introduction and adaption of new technologies and scale at which cyber security criminals are conducting attacks. It’s important to stay updated with the current state of cyber criminals and threat level so there can be prediction of future attacks and mitigations put in place before an attack happens.

However, if you have a hobby for cyber security like myself, it’s fun just to keep updated and see what’s happening in the news.

My Cyber Security Sources 🗞️

📺 YouTube

Cyber Security Education


Seytonic is my favorite source and a goldmine! Short-From (<15 Min) Weekly videos on Cyber Security News. This is where I get most of my information from.

David Bombal

David’s videos are Informative Cyber Security Educational videos on the latest hacking techniques and tools. From time to time, he also has cyber security guests who tell stories of how they hacked into systems or how they protected systems. Really great videos and the guests are very entertaining!

Josh Hammond

Josh goes into depth with cyber security exploits and investigations. One of his most popular videos is regarding Log4J where he was one of the first to show a demo of the exploit.


NetworkChuck aims at educating on how to conduct Cyber Security attacks. This is a good one if you are learning penetration testing. He also has done great videos on CCNA. Although Not all his videos are related to Cyber Security, the videos that are related are very well done.

Cyber Security History

Jack Rhysider
Jack run’s a youtube podcast series called ‘Darknet Diaries’ which has guests that go into detail about penetration testers and hacking. Really great listen, stories are very interesting and high-level (often government hacks or large notable hacks) and guests are amazing.


Great Cyber Security and privacy videos, presented in a short-form, story telling and cinematic way. These are great when you want to understand the history of cyber security in an entertaining and documentative way.


This channel presents long-form videos of cyber security (Although and also other topics) in a story telling and cinematic way. These videos go really into depth, more in a non-technical way of cyber security, however the videos are great to understand the history of cyber security and cyber criminals


This Channel Goes both into Technical and Non-Technical analysis of previous cyber security attacks. These are presented in a story telling short-form way with intermissions.


This channel focuses less on Cyber Security Directly, however has videos on the notable events that shaped cyber security.

🐥 Twitter


Cyber Security Updates and Memes! One of the quickest to retweet or tweet updates on current cyber security attacks and status.


Cyber Security Talks and news

🖥️ Web Blog

News Articles on Cyber Security. Although be aware, these two blogs are owned by two cyber security companies and they will try to sell their products as the aim of their blog post. Taking that into account, the articles are pretty good if you ask me!


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