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Sam D.
Cyber Security Professional
  • Welcome to my Online Blog. As a Cyber Security Professional, this blog is dedicated to introducing cyber security topics, notable cyber security information and projects that I am working on.

You’ve found my website!

July 12, 2022

A formal introduction 🤝

Hello and welcome to my website! Thank you for checking it out.

I hope this website bring value to you!

If not, you’ve improved my website bounce rate which will list my site higher on google searches so you are free to leave now! However, that is if you have come from another page on this website and hadn’t just opened this page first. If that’s the case, please click onto another page on this website and then leave. No Only joking, please don’t, I have an exciting story below about the history of my website and more information about me. Read that first and then you are free to make your decision!

Let’s get to know me 🧔

Ok, now we’ve got introductions out the way, you might be asking yourself a few questions so let’s address them in a paragraph or two.

Who are you?

I’m hoping that most of you have visited the homepage of this website, and if not, please take a look as it’s got a lot more information then what I’m going to be able to explain in this paragraph. To cut it short, I’m an indivitual with a strong intrest in information and communications technology; specifically cyber security. I have been studying cyber security at a Bsc (Hons) level for the past four years and practicing my skills using hackthebox and other services.

Why do you have your own website?

To be honest, I’m not sure either. It started-off with me wanting my own email domain- I felt like there is something more personal about emailing from/to an email address that is not generic such as ‘Gmail’ or ‘Hotmail’. From there I bought a domain, setup an email server and well, I thought that now I’ve got my own personal email, wouldn’t it be wrong of me not to have a website almost for that email and well here we are.

What are you passionate about?

in-terms of technology, AI and cryptocurrency are where my interests are. Ok, cliché I know however I think these areas are intersting not because of the technology currently but because of the future of this technology which I will live through having said that I have been there from the start.

Outside of technology, I enjoy videography, photography, football- Specifically Arsenal and the gym twice a year.

History of this website 📜

This introduction post is about wrapped up now, however I thought it may be intersting to talk about the history of this website within this post. After all- it is the third version of the site which each new version completely changing the layout and content of the site.

Version 1

The first version of this website was developed in 2019 and the site was horrible; the content, layout and design were all embarrasing and I’m happy that version no longer exists anywhere today thanks to the site getting infected with a marketing virus which put an ugly banner at the bottom of every page on the site and caused me no choice but to play it safe and format the site.

Now, what did I learn from that version.. well, wordpress has a great library of plugins however more is less. The more plugins, the more backdoors into the site.

Version 2

following lessons from version 1, I decided that my new and improved website would need to be guarded with strong anti-virus and a new design which was simple and use friendly.

The key takings from this version were that I discovered a large amount of russians loved my site, so much that everyday they tired to create an account on my site or guess my admin login so they could publish their own thank you posts on my website- unfortunately for them, all they achieved was a blacklist.

In the end, I loved this version, however the site was horrible on mobile and starting to become cluttered and for that reason, when I switched hosting providers, I decided that it was time for a revamp.

Version 3

that’s this version! Hopefully the third and final! New and improved look that works great on mobile, has an intutative design and is fast and reliable!

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